What to Do at the Frank Liske Park

With many recreational and sports facilities, Frank Liske Park represents one of the best spots in Cabarrus Country, NC. People from all over the country come here to enjoy activities in the park that is fully dedicated to fun and recreation.

The History of the Park

Frank Liske Park is a 240-acre park where history meets the present in the best manner. As the former Stonewall Jackson Training School farm, the park represents a perfect relaxation spot for all the visitors.

The park was named after Frank Liske, the former worker at Stonewall Jackson Training School. He spent 48 years at the school and his efforts were to improve the farm and introduce it to the public. With his assistance, the farm got the lease from the state and the facility was hugely developed.

Today, we have Frank Liske Park with all the amenities that attract many visitors. There are still some relics of the former farm, including a refurbished silo and dairy barn. People organize gatherings around the barn when they want to relax and have a drink. Separate areas of the barn are available for rent.

Many park amenities offer great activities for all ages. Fishing and paddle boating are possible on a 10-acre lake near the picnic sites and picnic shelters. You can enjoy all-day-long open playgrounds, volleyball courts, and tennis courts. For all those lovers of soccer, the park offers 11 fields for soccer. Two of them are lighted fields which are great for evening and night soccer games.

In addition, the park has 4 fields for softball and a golf course. The amenities are completed with walking trails for enthusiasts who would like to experience interesting trails in the natural environment. All of the soccer fields are built with the assistance of Charlotte Soccer Academy. Players of all ages are part of the Academy and they all train on the Frank Liske Park’s soccer fields.

Natural Preservation and Summer Day Camps

The park is also well known for nature and wildlife preservation. Scientists found here very rare species of Monarch butterflies. These butterflies are popular for their exceptional beauty and interesting colors. More than 250 Monarch butterflies concentrate their habitat in the area of the Frank Liske Park.

When it comes to additional activities, the park successfully hosts more than 650 campers that come each year to have summer day camps and educational events. Nature workshops, tennis classes, sports camps, and road races are some of the events that are popular among the campers. Their involvement in nature and sports plays a significant part of their education in these fields.

Frank Liske Park continues to be one of the highest rated parks for recreation and education in North Carolina. The main organization teams of the camps attract more and more visitors each year. At the same time, the park serves as a great spot for gatherings and relaxation. Many types of amenities rank the park very high on the list of the top places to see in Cabarrus Country, NC.

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